Nesting Treat Tins


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• SET OF THREE MINI TINS • VEGAN FRIENDLY • DIMENSIONS: SMALL - 4.8CM (H) x 9.5CM (diameter); MEDIUM - 5.5CM (H) x 10.6CM (diameter); LARGE - 6.5CM (H) x 13.5CM (diameter)

Foraging - Oh to be self-sufficient, living off the land and eschewing the city grind! We like nothing better than heading out on a bright sunny day to forage in hedgerows and in woods for berries and mushrooms. It makes us dream of the kitchen delights that can be made from the day’s find. Inspired by the latest gastronomic Wild Food trend, Flora takes foraged foods to the dining table with eco bamboo trays, bowls and tin mugs adorned with funghi, elderflowers, blackberries and rosehips. Foraged ingredients make the best jams and jellies, cordials and purees. Flora captures the delight of finding something great and turning it in to something even better.
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