Featuring the iconic work from John James Audubon’s Birds of America, the Birds collection takes the detailed life-sized watercolours and brings the artwork to life on varying canvases including ceramics, cushions and incredible wall hangings. Each of the fascinating 19th-century illustrations took Audubon around sixty hours to complete and the historic book features over four hundred breeds, some of which are now extinct.


Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) was a celebrated wood engraver, artist and naturalist from the North East of England, whose books, A General History of Quadrupeds, and two volumes of the History of British Birds were highly acclaimed for their fresh style and accuracy. Today, his work still resonates with and inspires young artists across the globe whilst his contribution to wildlife is reflected in the eponymous "Bewick's Swan". Artwork includes images of Puffins, Stags, Hares, Kingfishers, Badgers and Squirrels.


Inspired by ceramics and patterned prints from the Fifties and Sixties, Form, mixes a clever use of primary colours and iconic shapes. Made from stoneware, a traditionally used material in the sixties, the range features an organic geometric pattern in contrasting shades and tones. As well as the traditional stoneware, the collection also houses a playful mix of glass vases, all named after leading ladies in the 60’s.


Mix and match your tabletop with Magpie's new ceramic range Adorn. With hand applied decals on glazed stoneware, Adorn features an eclectic mix of icons, whales, horses, stars, anchors, moons, owls and eyes. With hand molded platters, dishes, beakers and vases, Adorn your table with Adorn!


Create conversation on and around the table with Table Talk, a range of speech bubbled shaped servers. Fill with appetisers, scrumptious snacks and yummy nibbles. With dishes for dipping and platters for mini treats, set the table with Table Talk.


Foraging - Oh to be self-sufficient, living off the land and eschewing the city grind! We like nothing better than heading out on a bright sunny day to forage in hedgerows and in woods for berries and mushrooms. It makes us dream of the kitchen delights that can be made from the day’s find. Inspired by the latest gastronomic Wild Food trend, Flora takes foraged foods to the dining table with eco bamboo trays, bowls and tin mugs adorned with funghi, elderflowers, blackberries and rosehips. Foraged ingredients make the best jams and jellies, cordials and purees. Flora captures the delight of finding something great and turning it in to something even better.


The Curios collection houses many unusual and intriguing illustrations. Adorning trinket trays, mugs and glasses, this fine curated range comes with lovingly designed gift boxes. Featuring beetles, bees, skulls, whales and more, our collection is an eclectic mix of natural history and ephemera.


VIVA is our first collaboration with the super legendary Sarah Campbell. VIVA features a range of ceramics, textiles and eco-friendly bamboo products, all of which are presented in matching gift boxes.


Influenced by the mid-century 50's Hollywood Hills homes, Homestead captures the era with four flat roofed, in muted complementing colourways.


Sarah Young is a printmaker, painter, designer and illustrator working in the South West Coast of England. Wildwood is our first collaboration with Sarah and by mixing folk art, screen-printing techniques and our mutual love of British wildlife, she's produced a sweet celebration of woodland creatures.


Hugletts Wood is a nod to our farmyard favourites with mid-century style illustrations of chickens, cows, pigs and sheep in a muted country palette. The collection includes a range of ceramics, enamel tins, and tea towels, perfect for the modern day country kitchen. We are proud that a percentage of the proceeds of each sale goes to Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex.


The Modern Home - A-Z of the Atomic Era is our latest colourful collection of mix and match homewares. With a distinctly retro feel and featuring a witty alphabetical compendium of 26 of the last century's most iconic designs illustrated in a beautiful vintage screen-print style. Spot favourite modernist images across the range from F for fridge to M for the iconic wooden monkey. A stylish addition to any home, this is a must-have collection for discerning mid-century design lovers.


For a small island nation, Britain is blessed with an impressive 19,500 miles of coastline, making it home to a wide variety of maritime wildlife. Magpie’s new range Coast, a collaboration with Sussex based artist Mark Greco, features four of Britain’s shoreline avian celebrities in their aquatic habitats: the Puffin, Sandpiper, Oystercatcher and Common Tern.


Mid Century in style with Anchors, Lighthouse, Sailboats and Fish galore (And now also Narhwals, Octopuses, Whales and Lobsters). Ahoy drops anchor and hoists its mainbrace with a range of ceramic, paper, glass, bamboo and tin products.


Our first collaboration with Carola Van Dyke, Beasties, takes 4 of Carola’s fantastic applique textile animals and places them on ceramics and tins – featuring Mr. Badger, Mr. Fox, Mr. Hare and Mr. Stag.


Carola Van Dyke has joined forces with Magpie to make Poochies - 4 fantastic applique dogs. Placing them on ceramics and tins, it features Spaniels, Bull Terriers, Whippets and Scottie Dogs.


Based on childhood memories of bird spotting with our i-Spy books, this adorable range includes visitors to many British gardens: the Robin, Thrush, Wagtail and Blue Tit. Kept in mid-century style, it evokes a 1950’s vibe.


Featuring a cosy palette of the autumnal British countryside, Game Birdy shines the spotlight on four under-appreciated but equally stunning birds: the Pheasant, Partridge, Quail and Grouse.


Our first collaboration with Bristol based artist Tom Frost. Based on his Mammals of the British Isles series, Wildlife features 4 nocturnal British beasties: Otter, Owl, Hare and Fox.