Giving a platform for creative talent, the Pulp Fiction era in the thirties and forties allowed newsstands to be covered in popping covers and clever fonts. Inspired by this aesthetic, Pulp features six fictional books that have been cleverly used on tins, textiles and notebooks to bring the unique offering once found on every street corner to a new audience.


Focusing on astronomy, this collection explores the relationships between the stars and planets. With twelve deep blue ceramic coasters, the signs of the zodiac come to life with accents of golds, drawing the lines between key stars to create the iconic imagery we’ve come to recognise.


Evoking memories of day past; browsing the menu in the local café, getting a trim at the barbers or checking forthcoming events at the village hall, our sign board is the perfect blank canvas to make messages for all occasions.


A study of Natural history, Biologica features a plethora of moths, butterflies, fish, flowers, fungi and skulls, all from the Wellcome Collection imagery archive. Building on the success of the initial launch, the collection now includes glass paperweights, large trinket trays, mugs, espresso sets and cushions, to complement the already existing wall charts, melamine platters, bell jars, kitchen textiles and notebooks.


Following on from Jay's successful Cosmos range comes Planetaria, a delve into the primary planets (and dwarf planet) that compose our solar system. With science and science fiction often pre-occupied with exploring deep space, it's perhaps humbling and fascinating to recall that no human has ventured beyond our own moon.


2016 marks the completion of the Periodic Table of Elements a mere 147 years after Dmitri Mendeleev began it. To coincide with this momentous year for scientists and science fans everywhere, Jay is pleased to launch its own vintage-style periodic table range which includes tea-towels, ceramic trays and an incredible 121-piece wooden block set.


Earn your patches! Whether it’s trekking up Eagle Mountain or following trails in Blackwater Falls National Park, the Wanderlust collection marks achievements! Based on vintage collectors patches, the bright and colourful Wanderlust print rewards camping, rescue and challenges. Patches adorn enamelled mugs, bottles, kitchen textiles and tin kits ready for the next adventure!


The human body is incredible, yet for many it remains one of the greatest mysteries. The Anatomical range comprises basic medical illustrations of four bodily strata: the muscular system, nervous system, skeleton, and major internal organs. Complete with medical annotations the range looks great, is a fantastic introduction to what actually makes you tick, and a guaranteed talking point when you serve up your mugs of tea and plates of biscuits.


Cosmos is a colourful celebration of those pioneering days of space exploration, taking influence from the vibrant soviet era artistry commonly seen on a postage stamps, posters and associated space race ephemera.


Folio: a range of practical storage tins designed to mimic the appearance of outsized reference books. With five unique mid-century designs, themed to encompass the broad categories of junk which multiply and thrive in our clutter drawers, the Folio range will hopefully make like a little less stressful.


Our Pocket Folio mini tins make great gifts. These mid-century styled, book-shaped metal tins come complete with practical and helpful tools: from the puncture repair kit supplied with ‘On Yer Bike’ to the bandage and medical swabs provided with our ‘First Aid for Beginners’ tin. With six different kits, from sewing to grooming, bike repair to first aid, DIY to colouring, there’s a Pocket Folio for most situations!


Made of science grade borosilicate glass, Jay presents the LAB range: bringing science chic into the home. The range is unashamedly scholarly, unapologetically nerdy and undeniably cool.


If cooking is the new rock'n'roll, then the Live Fast Dine Young range from Jay is the Jimi Hendrix of the dining table. The range includes a Daltry-esque microphone, a battered snare drum Bonham would have been proud to hammer triplets on, a grinding lead guitar if you fancy a solo snack, and a tichter-scale rumbling bass even Lemmy wouldn't ignore.


Inspired by Japanese 1950's robots, our designs see fictional characters taking on a life of their own, each with a range of unique powers! Bright and colourful, even the packaging gets a retro design, making each piece look like it has just been found in a vintage store.


For years, Rob Draper has been embellishing the humble paper cup with elaborate calligraphic art. His guerilla approach elevating the utilitarian to the desirable, has generated interest, admiration and press across the globe. Rob's work, once accessible only to the lucky few who had discovered and abandoned piece in their local coffee shop, is available here on this re-usable porcelain coffee cup exclusively from JAY.


Great gifts reflecting the broad interests of today’s men and that don’t presume we’re all sport mad